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By Anthony Green

“I’ve been told by so many people that link building is THE most important part of SEO – How very wrong they are………..”

If you are old to SEO and website design/building, then you will be fully aware of what backlink building is and if you’re not then in a very small nut shell, backlink building is the sharing of links to and from your site and/or from other sites to help build relevance, authority and encourage visitors (there is more to this too of course but that’s for another post!).

However, backlink building can go very, very wrong and can not only cause you to lose the trust of your victors, respect from your SEO and Website colleagues, but also affect your site and SEO negatively in the eyes of Google and Bing et al.  I’ve been told by so many people that backlink building is THE most important part of SEO – How very wrong they are…. Yes it’s a key part but it should be natural and mutual.

Just a polite reminder, but this is my point of view so these are the top 3 reasons why I personal think a backlink building strategy can fail – there are more reasons but I  would like to keep this as quite succinct as a ‘pointer’ information post and keep my link building strategies for the advanced tutorials pages.


You are all take an no give – backlink building needs to be reciprocal but in a natural way!

So you have sent a million emails asking, no, begging high authority websites to give you a link back to your site.  You send emails, write in comment sections or reply to newsletters in the hope that 1 or 2 will say ‘yes’ but the reality is you will fail.  What re you actually offering the site or person you are requesting the backlink from?  Often people are not giving anything in return and expect a backlink.  Really?  Then just keeping emailing in the hope you get lucky – but you won’t be.

You may be offering a backlink in return.  Now this is all well and good but why would an authority site want a backlink from your site?  This is especially the case if your site looks spammy or not well constructed.  If you are just trying to get a backlink for ranking purposes, then this strangely really isn’t going to work in most cases.

You are offering a guest post for a backlink in return?  Now this is much more reciprocal but, again, people go about it in the wrong way!  Guest posts are badly written or even spun/copied content and, guess what, the person you send this to will know and they will reject time and time again.  Don’t think you are the first person to send them such material!  They may not even read it!  You need to ensure that the content you are offering is quality, well written articles or text aimed at whatever it is you are talking about in the guest post.  Again, this will be discussed in further lessons but please do take note!

blackhat whitehat greyhat baclink building


Which Hat Are You Wearing? –You are using backlink or link building services.

Now you may not know the difference between what black hat, grey hat and white hat in the realms of SEO are and don’t worry, I will be talking about this in one of my lessons too!  Let’s just say you want to keep everything above board if you want your site to last.  There are lots of services out there offering to build links (backlinks) for you in return for money.

Let me get this straight – I am talking about poor backlink building and not legitimate services that offer sound, white hat (whitehat) advice and support.  I am talking about when you see an advert for a service that offers you 10,000 backlinks for a set price that just seems amazing – just don’t.  The chances are you will get spammy links that will end up really making your site and rankings plummet.  This is not good practice and will lead to no good.  It is not natural and Google and Bing et al know this and will catch you out.

All you will end up with is a spam site that you give up on as the links your thought would do you wonders, do the opposite.  Stay white hat and let your site grow naturally or with reciprocal respect such as a link that is share to a post you made without you asking for it!


You have lots of backlinks…….to nothing in particular.

Okay – so this can either be a nightmare or one that is easy to fix.  It all depends on where you are with the website journey and SEO.

You see, many people just don’t know what backlinks are and how powerful they can be when used correctly.  You see – if you have lots of backlinks that are naturally, meaningful and relevant to your site from all over the WWW then that’s great but if they only point to one page, such as your home page, then you are wasting an opportunity.  Natural backlinking should be pointing to different posts or pages on your site so if you only have one page on your site then the ‘link juice’ you are getting from the backlinks coming from other sites is only ever going to point in one direction!  To that one page!  Great – but generally speaking in this day and age, if your site only has one page it’s not going to rank very well for most folk.

Hopefully your site will be full of different pages and posts, relevant to what you want visitors to look at.  The more you share those pages and posts on social media then the more people will see them – as long as you don’t spam of course!  The more you get interest in your posts the more people will want to share them with others and then, yes you guessed it, want to link to that page or post on their site – thus creating a backlink (which could be dofollow or nofollow – something I discuss in later lessons)  to your post or page, such as this article you have written about.

So when you are creating your site or wondering why you have lots of backlinks but no visitors then think about these points I have raised and consider what you backlink strategy really is.  Is it spammy and one that leads to negative results?  Or is it built naturally, over time with reciprocal and best practice-based sharing?

Like I mentioned right at the beginning – these are just my view points and my top 3 reasons why I think a lot of backlink strategy fails.

You may have your own reasons or thoughts and please do share these with me (and others!) below.


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