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Well….what do you add in this space?  We all find it a little bit difficult writing about ourselves don’t we? 

My name is Anthony.  I am not a professional website designer or developer nor am I an expert in SEO (search engine optimisation).  What I am is like you…..a person that wanted to create my own website without paying a fortune to a designer or developer.

So you can see – we are not that different you and I, are we?  You’re here, hopefully, because you are serious about wanting your own site and just need a few simple pointers.  Just a starting point to get you going and to help you get that website up and running.  That’s what I do.

I’ve helped people from all walks of life, including the odd celebrity, to build or maintain their own website. 

So how did I get started?

My background is as far away from web design and SEO  as you could imagine!  I wanted to create a website for my own business many years ago and found it very difficult to just get going.  I didn’t know the basics and had to teach myself…….in fact I’m still teaching myself and learning new things!  That’s the thing in SEO and website development – you will always be learning.

I started learning the basics first, from how to choose a website name, how to buy the domain name and what to do after that which, of course, led to looking at web design and building.

After website building you have to learn about SEO and so much more if you want to make it in the great ocean that is the WWW.

I’m lucky enough to have been born in a world where computers, as we know them today, did not exists.  To you young folk out there that may seem incomprehensible, but to me and many like me it was a great privilege as we got to see advancements in the computer age unfold – something that you young ones take for granted…..now I am sounding old!

So that’s me in a nutshell.

I now wanted to start to build a YouTube and social media presence looking at how you can be helped to build your own site or other aspects of internet marketing and SEO.  So get onboard and don’t be scared!  There are lots of us folk out there and if you can’t help each other in this day and age then when can you?  Come and join in…..subscribe today on the Home page today.