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“Being on the first page is a sign you are indeed doing all the right and great things to have good content.

Google’s Danny Sullivan Comments on the May Core Update (kind of)


After a Twitter follower shared concerns over updating of a website and the recent Google May Core Update, Google’s Danny Sullivan stated that:

“Being on the first page is a sign you are indeed doing all the right and great things to have good content. Rankings do change often; the update itself takes more time to rollout. So you might see changes to come that might help you.”  
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So where does that leave sites ranking on the first page which go against Googles advise?

Remember, those that are still ranking on the first page that have poor content, rely on bought backlinks, Blackhat built and run yet still remain on the first age?  Surely, they have recently lost all hope?  All rankings?

Think again.

I recently spoke to one of those within a particular forum and was informed:

“I lost some traffic for some keywords, but others have boomed since the last update.  I have not change anything on the site since the previous update in June and just bought more backlinks and its not harmed my site at all…..and it’s complete tosh”

The conversation went on between forum members with some despondent over the recent update as they are pure ‘Whitehat’ yet have lost rankings in many ways and others that have gained traffic and rankings because of the update.

Now we know that updates come and go.  We adapt – or do not.  We update our sites – or do not.  We worry – or do not. 

There are millions of stories for each and every updated and the message seems to always be the same……..wait until it has fully rolled out.

Will the updates ever be fully ‘rolled out’?  Are they not just continuous, fluid, ever expanding………..a creature of which we know nothing about yet react to its every sporadic and gaseous, in the internet sense, burps?

I say – never think your site is safe.  Just keep on doing what you are doing if Whitehat and ride each and every burp.  Don’t expect the worse and don’t expect the best.  Keep that glass firmly half full at all times.


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