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Guest Posts – Requests and Guest Post Services – A Pain in the WWW?

So just a short article today as I thought it was quite topical to talk about guest posting since I have been asked by quite a few people now if they can post on this pretty new site.  So much so that I added a specific page with guest posting guidelines before requesting.

Why?  Well – guests posts are nothing new and have being around for donkey’s years.  It’s well known in the forum that is SEO and the WWW that guest positing can really help with rankings and bring in those elusive visitors – especially so when the guest post includes a backlink to your own site which, of course, most folk are looking to achieve. 

The fact is however, that most of the request that come my way are. Let’s say, not that well thought out.  They either talk about topics that are uninteresting (at least to me and my visitors) or just pure spam with a level of English I would expect of those attending lower school.

That’s not being nasty, just honest.  Why would any self-respecting web owner want crappy articles on their site?  Shure, it helps to bulk up their content and word count but to what degree?

Quality guest posts are what everyone is after but they are few and far between.  Generally speaking, these guest post opportunities will be from sites that expect the best, original content that informs the reader – the visitor.  I myself have had articles turned down in the past from top sites such as Forbes, because they were not of good enough quality.  Did I complain? No.  It just makes me work harder – and even then, I was not requesting a backlink!  I had a really great idea, so I thought, for an article and wanted to get it out there as, at that time, I did not have a site built.

Looking back at the article, indeed it was not worthy, and it needed a lot of editing before it finally got used.

Should I Buy Guest Posts?

This is a strange question as it can either infer that you want to sell someone you guest post for them, the webmaster, to put on their site or you want to buy the guest posts from some to add to your own site.  Either way the likelihood is you will buy/sell posts that only have the aim of creating backlinks – you scratch my backlink and……we, you get the picture.

In many cases thought, the content of the posts being offered is just dire.  Its tried.  It’s spun content.  It’s of low value. 

Do you want your victors to read that and still come back to your site?  Good luck with that.

Guest Posts and SEO

Yes there are many sites out there that will help you with writing a guest post and getting it ‘out there’ to be published so I am not going to write about that here as I am sure you can deduce what is required – quality – originality – honesty – value – and so on.

You can even get email ideas out there for on how to create and pitch guests posts such as on Neil Patel’s site – which is great when used correctly – but you need to ensure that you are not following the crowd when writing guests posts or emailing the web owner.

For example – when you are using ideas and tips on how to create that email be original and don’t use a template!  It’s so obviously a template as it does not read natural.

Also. Don’t forget that everyone else following those tips from various websites are also searching for the same backlink and guest posting strategies/opportunities – you are not the first!  In fact, the chances are your email will just get deleted straight away.

So, although there are opportunities out there, the good ones are difficult to get.  The easy ones may have already been had (and had again).  And you are somewhere in the middle.

The easy solution is this – if you continue to write engaging and meaningful content then people will want to share it.  The more you do that the more victors you will get and the more engagement you will get.  Remember that Google likes to see comments on posts/articles even more that social media sharing so try to write things that people will comment on which can lead to that sharing in the first place.  Then, maybe, someone will want to share you article link on their site and who knows, that site may be good enough to give your site that boost you wanted in the first place.

Happy guest posting!


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