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Website Design FAQ

We are always getting asked about designing websites and what it actually is, needs or results in. From what does a website cost to what is actually website design - I have picked some of the most comm to share with you! Don't forget - I you have a question that is not here them ask away in the comments box so I can add it to the website design FAQ!

Anyone can build a website!  But that doesn’t mean it will be a GREAT website does it?  Designing and building the right website can take time but the effort is worth it and you can follow our simple tutorials to help you even more!

How long is a piece of string?!  A website can coast from as little as approximately $20 to  thousands of dollars.  It all depends on many factors such as how much the domain and hosting cost.  Are you designing it yourself or paying a professional to keep the website updated?  Are you paying for advertising?  How much are you spending on developing the website further?

They are FREE!  I don’t charge for the web tutorials but you can’t obviously copy and share them on your own website as they are copyrighted of course!  I don’t charge as I want to share my tips and ideas with you just as others did with me – all without cost.

You need a domain name, a host and some website designing skills of course!  You will also needs other tools such as software alongside any content you want to publish on your website.

Web design is literally designing a website!  It’s taking your ideas (See WWW +1) and turning them into the website that you want to share with others on the internet.  It’s about style, practically, ease of use and so much more.

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  1. Thank for the info here Tony. I think for “what do you need to start a website” you should include patience too 🙂


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