Why Every Business Needs SEO in 2020 and beyond!

SEO in 2020 – Why just 2020?

Okay so SEO in 2020 could be either side of that date range!  SEO has been around, in some form or another, for many years – ever evolving and adapting.  To you it could mean one thing and to me another but here is a small article on what it measn to someone elase!  Thoughts?  Share them in the comments!

As part of the digital marketing world, search engine optimization (SEO) is any means to build and gain exposure for your business, brand, product or service. In today’s internet driven world, most people use search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo to find what they need online. With the majority of users going through search engines, it’s important that you can be found in searches engine results pages (SERPs). To put it simply, if your name isn’t showing up in search engines, it’s highly likely users won’t find your site, which leads to the question; is it even worth having a website if it is not going to work for you?

Become visible in the SERPs

SEO helps your site become more visible to users. Your site is competing with billions of others all over the world within a search engine, but the site that is best optimized (on-page and off-page) will ultimately have the highest ranking and be the most visible. SEO makes your page easier to understand for search engines by helping the robots behind the search engines figure out what your page is about and determines how it will be useful to users.

Using keywords appropriately to drive traffic

Your website gains the best traffic when someone types in a particular keyword phrase (long-tail) and finds your business; Therefore, optimizing your site with the proper keywords is essential for search engine exposure and success. SEO allows you to target potential customers by optimizing the content on your site to match the phrases and keywords customers are searching. What better way to target your audience and and measure the results?

(You may also wish to look at this video on finding your competitors keywords)

Establish credibility

SEO maximize’s your site’s potential. A higher ranking on a search engine also gives your site authority and gives the consumer confidence that your site will have information they are searching for. Higher rankings can lead to great ROI and leads. Each time your name comes up in search engine results, it’s being seen by potential customers and clients. That’s potential revenue for your business! SEO provides exposure better than any other form of marketing. Whereas print ads, billboards, or TV spots are time-sensitive, internet marketing is available 24/7, 365 days a year. Why not take advantage of that exposure?

So much potential, so many opportunities

Users have two options when landing on your site: stay or leave. SEO encourages users to stay on your site by providing positive user experiences. A properly optimized page will allow users to have a positive experience by leading them directly to the content and information they requested. If the website is hard to navigate or content is hard to find, it is more likely users will leave your site and look for the information elsewhere. You want your site to be as easy to use and SEO helps by leading users to their desired information and content through the least amount of clicks possible. To find out more about what SEO is and how effective it is review some authority sites such as Search Engine Land.

Feel free to comment on what SEO in 2020 and beyond really means to you!  We always love to hear/read your comments and update the post/article as required!

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