Are you a tech or web/SEO blogger/writer and want to contribute?

Going from strength to strength each day, is succeeding in reaching an audience of web design and SEO enthusiasts from all walks of life and is growing daily, reaching more and more people through the website itself and from our social media channels.

We strive to ensure that our site is focused on what we aim to deliver and what our subscribers expect from us.

In line with our ongoing and young journey, we are looking for bloggers to write articles about all things web based, including SEO.  This can include tech but it must be focused on web development or have some inference of web design/seo i.e. we are not a platform for selling mobile phones so will not accept tech review articles as that is just not what we are about.

Your article can be a general piece of information, how to guide or anything that meets our requirements but gives value to our site.

What we except

  • You are welcome to write for us about:
  • Web design and SEO in information technology,
  • Web Design/Content and SEO business,
  • Digital marketing and content marketing,
  • Social media
  • Web Design Learning/Education
  • And others will be considered.

What we offer in return

Your article, if accepted, will be shared among our social media platforms and within our blog page.  The content will remain there for as long as we exist!  We are also a growing website and platform for web design and SEO learning and as our site grows so will your articles audience of course.

We DO NOT offer guest posting for financial incentives – if we accept and publish your post it will be for free.

We expect you to abide by the following guidelines and expect you to read these Before emailing us your article – if you email with questions that have already been answered below then you will be referred back to this page – as simple as that.

  • Do not send us spam posts/articles – they will be turned away straight away.  We only want quality.
  • Your content should be completely unique, checked for spelling and grammar and actually read well.  We are and English language website, so the content needs to be in excellent English.
  • Your submission should be at least 800+ Words – nothing less.  It’s about quality not quantity.
  • Only one image will be allowed per post.  This image should relate to your article and use the correct title and alt tags.  The image needs to be yours, not copyrighted, and of good quality.  It will be displayed in a medium size within or at the start of your article.
  • SEO must be adhered to.  It should not be keywords stuffed or included too many regular phrases.  It should read natural and aim to inform. 
  • We are not going to edit your post for you no more than we need to.  You need to ensure your article has paragraphs and appropriate sentences with headings pointed out (H1/2/3) when required.
  • The article must satisfy all the SEO specifics and have a good quotient of uniqueness.
  • If a link is to be used, then it MUST be in order to add value to the article or for referencing purposes.  This includes a backlink to your own site.  All links will be checked and if the site linked back to is inappropriate or spammy then the link will be taken out.
  • If we do use your article, then you must not use it elsewhere.  This includes and ‘spinning’ of the article.  This will be regularly checked, and any copied articles taken off the site straight away without you being informed.
  • We reserve the right to alter the article to help it be published on our site but this will be communicated with you.
  • Publishing an article can take up to 14 days so pleas do not email us asking when the article is going to be published.  If we have said it will be…..then it will be.  We will email you to tell you when we have used your article.
  • As mentioned – Spinned, Plagiarized or spammy articles will not be accepted in ALL circumstances.

We know there is a lot in our guidelines but we will not except our website to be compromised in any from poor articles and information so please do take the time to read the above.

Other than that, if you think you have an article that meets the requirements above them why not send it on through to: